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With a mission to promote the significant meanings behind the German Reunification, this project combines exclusive digital exhibition materials provided by Stiftung Gedenkstätten Sachsen-Anhalt with programmed live music to replicate a neo-silent film experience. Focused on the over two-decade development of the Inner-German border and the struggles of the East German people, the film reflects a series of political and social changes that led to the breakdown of the Inner-German border and the peaceful Reunification; the Berlin Airlift conducted by the United States and the Victorious Allies, including the heart-melting story of the "Candy Bomber," is also featured as an important chapter in the film.

Since its premiere in New York City in April 2015, Sound of Unity has been brought to Germany, Brussels and China by acclaimed artists including violinist Sven Stucke and pianists Evgeny Sinaiski and Johann Blanchard, receiving praises from critics and audience alike. A musical journey that evokes a wide range of emotions reflected in the film, the program features works by classical music composers from Germany and the Victorious Allies of WWII, including Beethoven, Shostakovich, Poulenc, Auerbach and John Williams among others.



“A unique project that is both a concert of two outstanding musicians and a captivating history lesson. 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, “Exhibit-in-Concert” reminds us that without unwavering American support for freedom and democratic self-determination in Germany, from the Berlin Airlift to the fall of the wall in 1989, German unity would not have been achieved.”
— Kai Tomzig, Vice Consul for Cultural Affairs, German Consulate General in New York

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Stiftung Gedenkstätten Sachsen-Anhalt


The exhibition, “From Germany To Germany,” focuses on over 20 years of the Inner-German border and the struggles of the East German people, reflects the political and social changes of East Germany which led to the breakdown of the Inner-German border and the peaceful Reunification.  Interviews about a failed escape attempt at the Inner-German border and the consequences are provided exclusively as a special feature of the digitalized exhibition by Stiftung Gedenkstätten Sachsen-Anhalt. Materials of the Berlin Airlift is provided by The Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation. 

Berlin Airlift Historical Museum

Founded in 1988, the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation is dedicated to preserving the memory and legacy of the greatest humanitarian/aviation event in history, The Berlin Airlift. The Foundation has preserved several aircraft used in the great event, including a Douglas C-54E and the Boeing C-97 (one of the only 2 left flying in the world today), and created "Flying Memorials and Classrooms" with thepurpose of education. Inside the aircraft is a genuine museum dedicated to the Berlin Airlift, filled with artifacts, displays, and information explaining this all important event in recent history.

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