Prof. Dr. Angela Kolb

Minister for Justice and Gender Equality of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany


„Es ist ein unvergesslicher, sehr besonderer Konzertabend, der auf die Kraft der Musik und auf die Kraft der Bilder setzt. Thematisiert werden nicht die 25 Jahre deutsche Einheit seit 1990, sondern das, was überwunden wurde: die Teilung Deutschlands. Die Bilder zeigen, was Menschen auf sich genommen haben, um Freiheit zu erlangen, was sie riskieren, um Grenzen zu überwinden. Und dieses Thema ist hochaktuell.“

Kai Tomzig

Vice Consul  for Cultural Affairs,
German Consulate General
New York

“A unique project that is both a concert of two outstanding musicians and a captivating history lesson. 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, “Exhibit-in-Concert” reminds us that without unwavering American support for freedom and democratic self-determination in Germany, from the Berlin Airlift to the fall of the wall in 1989, German unity would not have been achieved.”

New York Concert Review


“In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the German Reunification, W&T Arts Promotion presented a moving and informative evening of film and music… Mr. Stucke displayed effortless precision in his intonation and intense expressiveness.  In addition, he showed impressive stamina, playing for around ninety minutes straight, which almost no rest… A demanding feat, for which a performer might expect to reap big artistic rewards.”

Henry G. Meyer-Oertel 

President of German Forum Inc.


"This Exhibit-In-Concert was a true triumph; A beautiful blend of music and the digitized exhibition. The rearrangement of the Ode to Joy was the unexpected reward of the night, a virtuoso, powerful and memorable performance by the brilliant violinist Sven Stucke.”

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